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You know how they say you're not suppose to have a favorite kid, but deep down you really do.  Well, this is that moment... this kid of ours is super small, but extremtly impactful.


At the moment most restaurants are closed for dining, and now only servicing customers with pickup and takeout.  This poses a new problem for a sustainable Earth, twice as much waste, plastic and garbage.  


One of the mottos here at KarmaNutra is, "be the change you wish to see".  So we decided to create a solution to the issue.  The bamboo utensil case is perfect to take with you out and about on the go.  Small enough to fit in a purse or back pocket, you can now let your favorite restaurant know that you have your own utensils.  This means less waste and unnecessary plastic. 


Your set includes:





Chop Sticks


Straw Cleaner 


We are super excited to get these out there to you guys, so make sure to take pics and tag us! 

Bamboo Utensil Set

Out of Stock
  • Due to the natural nature of the product, do not soak your utensil set.  Handwash and immediately air dry after.


    If you are using bamboo with raw meat materials, you can use a very mild bleach solution to help disinfect it after use

  • Due to the intended use of this product, all sales are final. 

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