Vegan Eats Vol.2 is a collection of our top recipes as well as all the comfort foods we know and love. 


We wanted to make sure that we not only included our most popular meals, but also wanted to make sure our first timers, and those transitioning, have what they need to succeed and reach their goals of a healthy lifestyle.


This volume is loaded with tons of plant based meals that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  All from holiday drinks and sweets, to main entrees, comfort food staples, and one of a kind meals.  By now if you've purchased our volume 1 you should be a little more comfortable in the kitchen, making volume 2 a breeze.  


This will be a book that you find yourself revisiting over and over again.  Proving once again that going vegan isn't about what you no longer can eat, but everything to do with what you now can!