A collection of 18 vegan dishes that anyone at any level can prepare and will love.  With all meals just under a cook time of 30mins or less and under $12.00  to make, this is the perfect way to keep cost and time down all while incorporating more plant based meals in your lifestyle. 


A breakdown from Breakfast - Dinner, to make sure you have what you need from start to finish.  We have also included an amazing video and photography in this Vegan Eats Vol. 1 collection.  This ebook will be a great addition to any household no matter their lifestyle.  Now you can include some easy and quick plant-based meals in your weekly routine and starting living healthier.


Vegan Eats Vol. 1 E-Book

  • Please be advised, this digital ebook has a 5 limit opening/viewing rule.  Once this limit has been met, you will not be able to view the electroic version any longer.


    Please make sure to downloand the electroinc version to your phone, tablet or computer for unlimited viewing.

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