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KarmaNutra was started in December of 2015 with one goal in mind,

to share the love and light of positive living through the use of health and wellness. The principles of KarmaNutra are simple,

life gives you what you put into it. If you feed your

body the nutrients and life it needs,

you will get the same in return.










With a wide array of options to choose from, KarmaNutra has something for everyone. No matter if you’ve just began your healthy lifestyle

journey or you have years of experience,

we make it easy for everyone to feel good both

inside and out. KarmaNutra, nurturing healthy vibrations

one spoonful and sip at a time.


Love and Light

Whitney B.

I fell in love with juicing at a very

early age by watching and learning

from my father and by doing so I quickly understood the benefits

of a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. As a former collegiate track and field athlete and long time vegan, with trial and error, I have learned how amazing the body can perform when it is fueled with the proper food it needs. 

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