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Cleansing, or commonly referred to as detoxing is the process in which the body rids itself of unhealthy substances. The body detoxes by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, this is where majority of the toxins are processed through elimination. Other areas of the body where toxins are eliminated are: kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphs and skin. Or bodies naturally remove toxins, this is what they were designed to do. With a concentrated amount of vegetables and some fruit in juice form, this helps speed up and make the process more efficient. KarmaNutra cleanses helps aid your body in a process it was already designed to do. With so many pollutants in our ever changing diet from processed foods, we have introduced so many new toxins into the body that it does not know how to breakdown and process. That’s why we at KarmaNutra believe there is truth to the saying, “you are what you eat”. If you put life and nutrients into your body, your body will give it back!

How To Cleanse

We often get questions on how to cleanse, or the best way to go about it.  Although there is no exact way to cleanse since everyone is different, and also have different goals, however we can help lead you in the best direction to make sure you reach your goal. 

We recommend trying either our TriCleanse pack which has 2 of each cleansing cold pressed juice in one 6pack or any of our cleansing cold pressed juices on their own in a 6pack.  We also recommend that if you try any of our cleansing cold pressed juices on their own, that is not the TriCleanse, that you do so in 16oz, that way you have enough juice to statisfiy you throughout the day. 

Once you have decided which cleansing pack you will go with, next is to determine how long you are cleansing so that you know exactly how many packs you will need to reach your goal.  The first question to ask is, have you cleansed before? Cleansing is a unique and rewarding experience, but there are some slight side effects in the very beginning when the body is detoxing. So to make sure you give your body the best chance to succeed, if you have not cleansed before, we recommend that you start out with a 3day program.  From there, once you mentaility and physically get the hang of the expereince of cleansing you can always start to add more days to your regimen.  

Now that we have decided how many days of cleansing you will do, we next need to determine if you will be juicing ONLY or if you will incorporate food into your daily routine.  For those that are juicing ONLY, the rule of thumb is one16oz -6pack will last you throughout the day.  This is also while drinking at least a gallon of water a day in between the juices (we recommend room temp lemon water or aloe/water mix). In the morning when you first wake up you should consume room temp water/lemon mix... this wakes the body's digestive system and helps kick start the metabolism.  After that when you would normally eat breakfast you should drink one of the 16oz juices and from there every two hours you should be drinking another one, until the entire pack is gone.  

If you are juicing and incporating food as well we would recommend only drink 3 juices a day, which means a 16oz -6pack should last you for 2days.  Please make sure to help your body succeed while incorporating food.  If you are in cleansing and still eating processed food/junk while doing so, this would definately defeat the purpose of the entire process.  This might be the best time to try a couple vegetarian/vegan dishes that you have had your eye on.  Also make sure to get pleanty of leafy greens into your system while cleansing/eating such kale, arugula and spinach base dishes.  Another important key, if possible, make sure to eat as much organic produce and food while cleansing.

Some side effects of cleansing may be: slight headaches, frequent urination, flatulence, fatigue & hunger pains.  All of which usually happen within the first 2days and subside afterwards.  These side effects are normal and are also signs of the body detoxing as toxins are being released from the body.  After the first couple days, once you are over the hump, this is where the beauty begins.  If you stick to your regimen, you are rewarded with the benefits of the cleanse.. the reason why so many people decide to do it.  You will have an amazing amount of energy, you will have more focus throughout the day, you will feel lighter and of course one of the most sough after benefit, weight loss. Also another major benefit is, you have now detoxed the body of any and everything it could not use and was not benefical. Depending on how long you clease you will see a dramatic difference in your waistline and loss of water weight.

Give our clease a try, and after reading this, if you still have further questions please do not hesitate to email us.  

Happy Cleansing! 

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